Teaching Feeling APK v3.0.23 For Android | Free Download 2024

Teaching Feeling APK v3.0.23 For Android | Free Download 2024

If you are getting through monotony while playing puzzle games and role-playing games, here, you will find a diversity of games with attractive names on your mobile device. The visual narration of games is designed as an immersive mobile application like Vietnameseized by Ichibikun known as Teaching Feeling APK. The application makes you aware of the art of storytelling, companionship, and experiencing various relations under the themes of care, sympathy, love, and emotional bond on the way to completion.

In Teaching Feeling Mod APK, the players learn and act as caregivers when they show empathy to a mysterious lass named Sylvie. After interacting with Sylvie, the heartwarming journey of players begins and continues towards meaningful bonds, compassion, action, decisions, and growth. As the narrative proceeds, the back story is unveiled side by side and moves towards an unwinding and relaxing end.

Join Teaching Feeling Apk after downloading the app, and get on the way to solace, companionship, care, and poignant bondage with millions of players.

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About Teaching Feeling

Teaching Feeling is a high-quality gameplay. It offers a unique narrative style with multiple characters for story lovers, video gamers, and anime enthusiasts on one platform.

Moreover, the players are immersed in the characters and feel for the victims at every phase they suffer. The gamers choose their life-like characters either protective or oppressive. The selection of the character depends on the players’ preferences and inclination for each female character in the gameplay.

As you open the Teaching Feelings APK, the players are striving to save young Sylvie from physical ailment and mental affliction. The players carry the various characters of their choice and preferences as the story goes through different situations and directions.

Though the users enjoy action elements once in a while, the most significant element is a heart-wrenching emotional storyline that enchants the players till the game ends. The characters don’t seem like statues, they are life-like figures. On the way to helping Sylvie, they earn a livelihood, go shopping, and maintain their life which adds the real colors to the game’s narrative.

Teaching Feeling apk iOS

Teaching Feeling APK is a visual and perceptible novel game that cannot be explored and downloaded on official app stores. Here are a few necessary steps to download Teaching Feeling APK on your Android devices through unofficial websites:

  • After checking the ratings and reviews on a reputable site, search Teaching Feeling APK.
  • Open settings on your smartphone and enter your credentials and very often it is required Biometrics as security. Be cautious of unknown or malicious sources to access your favorite app.
  • Download and install the APK from your file manager or web Browser.
  • Tap on the APK file and drag the icon on your Mobile’s home screen.
  • Tap the Icon and set the Teaching Feeling APK on the motion.

Features of Teaching Feeling APK for Android

Novel Style Narrative

Teaching Feeling Mod APK proceeds with a novel-style story, that the players can’t keep themselves away at any of the phases. The heart-clenching story helps you complete the level comfortably.

Character Customization

As the Teaching Feeling APP is a situational story, then it customizes complete and thorough characters from start to end. This fabulous app offers all the required elements that the player can design a character, look, and characteristics of their choice without leaving any aspect of the character.

Actions and Interactions of Players

This is not a storytelling game that is published and designed by the game developer, rather it involves your actions, reactions, choices, and decisions that you make after the game experience. This is the uniqueness of the game that the reaction of the players influences the story in Teaching Feeling.

2D Graphics and Sound

Though the Teaching Feeling app doesn’t present real-like graphics, the 2D graphics enhance the emotions, simulations, and emotional connections and let the players enjoy the overall gameplay. The soundtrack and low-end graphics go parallel and run beautifully on your Android smartphone. The sound and scene give the players no chance of monotony till the game is completed.

Dramatic Scenic Series

The gorgeous scenes and pretty pictures enhance the value of each emotional juncture to take it to more depth.

Moral Philosophy in Teaching Feeling APK

Teaching Feelings APK moulds the players’ feelings by immersing human values of intrinsic worth. The narrative takes turns to enhance the values of women as how delicate and fragile creatures they are and how they can be treated gently. The players are given a fully free hand to build a beautiful life by fulfilling their responsibilities. Besides, Teaching Feeling APK conveys a beautiful message about the humanitarian values of fair-sex creatures.

Free to play

The most appealing thing is that the Teaching Feeling English version leaves no burden on your violet while you are downloading it on your Android devices.

Strange assignment Of Teaching Feeling APK

Teaching Feeling APK is a fictitious game. It is a unique gameplay that you can play on your Android by selecting the characters of their preferences that lead the target to meet. The role of the doctor is considered an amalgam of human characteristics. The story sermonizes that women are not to be enslaved for one’s comfort what the doctor does.


In summary, Teaching Feelings APK is unique and has fantastic gameplay, unlike the other anime apps. This fabulous app is a beautiful blend of heart-wrenching stories, actions, emotions, lovely characters, and virtual caregiving relationships combined with eye-catching sceneries all along with the captivating journey. It creates an emotional connection under various themes: gentleness, care, compassion, empathy, and growth of characters. The players feel immersed in the narrative characters and enjoy them till the last moment of the game.


Is the Teaching Feeling modded version safe to use?

Yes. Teaching Feeling APK is a modded version that is a completely safe and secure app that you can use on your Android device. You need to enter your credentials or biometrics as security that stops the third-party interruption.

Can we get unlimited money for the Teaching Feeling English Version?

Yes. Since the game sets in, you start earning unlimited in-game money that helps you buy in-game items. The money in the form of coins you earn gives you the go-ahead to purchase the in-game tool and various characters of your preferences.

Is Teaching Feeling an Adult Game?

Yes. Teaching Feeling Apk is an adult game. Though the story touches the players ranging from kids to teens, it contains some specific imagery and scenes that place an embargo on kids.

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